As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I work from home as a freelance graphic designer. I work with many top clients in the gaming industry, including WilliamHill, BGO Casino, Leovegas and Drake Casino. And as I have previously mentioned, I do all of this with my toddler at home. Unfortunately, this is not simply based on my personal preference. It is partly based out of necessity. I am a single dad to my three-year-old son, Charles. Being a single dad, money is tight. And daycare is expensive. So I work with him at home with me. This leads many people to question how I can possibly work with a toddler.

Working from home with a toddler running around can be challenging. I am not going to lie, there are some days where I am completely frustrated. But, for the most part, setting a routine is key to successfully working from home with a toddler. Charles is an early riser. So I get up, feed him and get him ready for the day while I’m enjoying my morning beverage and getting myself ready for the day. After we both have full bellies, he is ready to watch a cartoon or two. During this time, I am able to begin my work day. I work on emails and beginning my projects. When Charles gets bored of the television, he will play, which buys me another hour or so.

Soon after, we have snack time and we try to go to a park and play. This is a great way to wear him out, get us both out of the house and lets me think about projects and designs in my head. We then head back to the house and Charles has a nap. During this time, I once again work. Once he wakes up, it is lunchtime. Our afternoon routine is similar to the morning. He watches television and then plays. Soon enough, it is dinner time, followed by bath time. We play, read a couple books and then I put him to bed. Once he is in bed, I get the rest of my work done. I then head off to bed myself.

We wake up the next day and start the process all over again. It is hard work but it helps me to best provide for my son.