Many people are curious about my job. When you say that you are a freelancer and work from home, many people raise their eyebrows and wonder if you actually work. Or they state that they would love to work from home so they can clean their home and do laundry and get paid. Well, that is nothing like my life. I work just as hard as anyone who works in an office, if not more so. And no, I don’t do my laundry while I am working.

I work from home as a freelancing graphic designer. I do the same tasks that any graphic designer does. I design graphics for companies. I primarily work with online gaming websites. Some of my clients include WilliamHill, BGO Casino, Leovegas and Drake Casino. I design graphics for these companies that are used on their websites. Typically, these are gaming graphics. They may be cards for a card game or slot designs for a slot machine game. Ultimately, I get to design art that is used to create amazing games that people get to play. It is exciting and rewarding to me to know that millions of people get to see my work.

Working as a freelancer has its own set of challenges. You have to be completely dedicated to your work. It is easy to get distracted when you do not have a boss watching over your shoulder. However, that freedom is also one of the reasons I love working as a freelancer. I can set my own hours and rearrange my schedule as needed. I can pick up more work or less work based on my budget and work schedule. If any of you are looking for freedom and want to be your own boss, I would highly recommend freelancing, as long as you are positive you can manage time and will not get side tracked.