The time has come to give my readers a quick brief about what’s going on in my life right now. I used to work for online marketing company but now i’m happy with my work as a freelancer and it was just a few months ago that I received my first big assignment. Klassieke gokkasten, a big online casino in the Netherlands asked me to design their new website which will be launched by the end of the year. They named their company to the Klassieke gokkasten, like the old school slot machines. I couldn’t be happier actually, especially because i’ve never designed an entire website before. Normally I am responsible for the graphics which are displayed on the general website. This time I got a chance to really design every little in the entire project, which is just great!

At the moment i’m still very busy working as a freelancer, but since Charles went to Preschool life became a lot easier for me. Even Preschool is just a part time thing, it really gives me some extra time to work on my own projects. Besides work, it really surprised me how much spare time I had left to do really nice things. I must admit, working from home is not very stimulating to maintain a healthy social life. That’s why I needed to get out, meet friends and just have a good time as well. After a few months I can tell you that my social life really has changed in a very positive way. I have so many friends who are sharing the same interests and they are really fond of my son as well, which is just perfect!

Even though my collaboration with Klassieke gokkasten and my social life is going great, there is still one thing missing in my life. I would be so happy if I could find someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. I mean, Charles is my everything but it would be really nice to share some mutual interests with someone else. Finding the love of your life is not easy and i’m also aware of that. A few weeks ago I experienced my first blind date, which was a complete failure. Don’t get me wrong, it had nothing to do with the girl. It was me, because I made it awkward from the start. How should I act during a date like that? Maybe it’s not my thing after all. Any advice from my readers would be very helpful!

Almost forgot to mention that i’ve renovated my small office at home. Since i’m working in the office all the time, I thought it should look nice as well. My friend Karen helped me by selecting beautiful colours and even joined me to shop new furniture. Even though i’m a designer, i’m still a guy and I don’t know anything about interior. Karen is an experienced stylist, so she immediately came up with a great plan. My office looks great now and it feels so refreshing to do my work in this environment. Never thought it could have such a big impact on a human wellbeing!