I have a huge announcement to make to all of my readers. Many of you know what a daily struggle it is to work from home with a advanced websites like free spins no deposit no wager and with my toddler in tow. Well, I have decided to enroll him into a preschool program. This will help him prepare for school, while also giving me some quiet time to focus on my work.

The preschool is only part time. He will go in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. However, these hours will give me the time and space I need to focus on my clients work, as my client list is rapidly expanding. I am also excited to see my son interact with other children and develop the skills he will need as he continues his education throughout life.

As most parents probably feel, I feel conflicted. I am excited to have some quiet time to devote to my work. But I am also a bit sad that he will be leaving me. It will be a huge adjustment period for the both of us, one I am hoping will go smoothly. I am sure all will go well, but I still worry about him liking it and the staff being able to provide him the level of care that I am able to. But we all need to let our kids venture out into the world eventually and it is time for me to start loosening the reigns a bit.

In other news, we will be heading out this weekend to get Charles some school clothes and a little backpack. I will post pictures on his first day so you can all see what a handsome young man I have. I hope you all have a great weekend with your family with whatever activities you have planned.