If you are a regular visitor to my page, first of all, I would like to thank you very much. You probably might have read my last article, in which I told you about the online fruitautomaten project. Well, life as a freelancer can be fascinating and things can take a strange turn within just a few hours sometimes. Here I was talking about how difficult it is to find new clients because I found myself in a position where clients and contracts were scarce. Then I went to this networking and brainstorming session and met the folks that were working for this online gambling company. This was the moment when it all started…

So, what happened? Well turns out that they were so happy with my work that they had more projects they wanted me to work on. One of those projects was especially fascinating, they called it: Casinoboni für deutsche Spieler. As you can see from the title, it is another marketing project aimed for German gamblers. The company wanted to get a foot in the door of this huge market and to do that they decided to introduce a bonus program for players from Germany. However, Casinoboni für deutsche Spieler needed a starting point, and that is when they remembered good old me and my work, I did with the fruitautomaten project. Because the enhanced graphics and animations I turned up with were so successful, that they wanted something similar for their newest campaign.

With Casinoboni für deutsche Spieler, I needed to start from the scratch, there was no website I could just spice up. I literally had to create a plan on how to order the website, where to place the animations and what kind of graphic enhancements I could use to match the expectations of the project managers. Luckily, they were very helpful and every meeting was a real pleasure. They didn’t really give me any strict rules, which was a very nice change for once. All I needed was a theme, something to attract the German players so they would be aware of this great package of different Casinoboni für deutsche Spieler. So instead of something childish and even weird like a huge flashing BONUS-Sign, I decided to give it a bit more color instead. For the graphics, I decided to use some blue, dark blue as well as lighter blue tones and mix them with some white, which gives a nice presentation option. Well, and there were animations. Here too, I decided not to use a huge flashing SIGN UP NOW-Button. Instead, I opted for an animation which creates a turning up sign, that appears when you click on a specific position.

Honestly, before I met those guys by a mere coincidence, I would have never thought about looking for a client in the online gambling industry. Maybe we freelancers are just too focused on a specific field and forget to look beyond that field to find pleasant clients and a steady flow of contracts? My advice is therefore, go out and look where you have not looked before and you might find a surprise right there.