My Son is Starting Preschool

I have a huge announcement to make to all of my readers. Many of you know what a daily struggle it is to work from home with a advanced websites likeĀ free spins no deposit no wager and with my toddler in tow. Well, I have decided to enroll him into a preschool program. This will help him prepare for school, while also giving me some quiet time to focus on my work.

The preschool is only part time. He will go in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. However, these hours will give me the time and space I need to focus on my clients work, as my client list is rapidly expanding. I am also excited to see my son interact with other children and develop the skills he will need as he continues his education throughout life.

As most parents probably feel, I feel conflicted. I am excited to have some quiet time to devote to my work. But I am also a bit sad that he will be leaving me. It will be a huge adjustment period for the both of us, one I am hoping will go smoothly. I am sure all will go well, but I still worry about him liking it and the staff being able to provide him the level of care that I am able to. But we all need to let our kids venture out into the world eventually and it is time for me to start loosening the reigns a bit.

In other news, we will be heading out this weekend to get Charles some school clothes and a little backpack. I will post pictures on his first day so you can all see what a handsome young man I have. I hope you all have a great weekend with your family with whatever activities you have planned.

Why I Love My Job

My parents were kind enough to watch Charles for me this weekend. It was nice to be able to get out of the house and be around adults, without having to worry about a toddler running around. I spent most of the weekend at sports bars with my friends. However, as I spent time with them, one thing struck me. A common topic of conversation was their hatred for their jobs. They sat there and gripped about their workload, their boss and the monotony of their daily work life. I tried to act sympathetic and listen. But it only reinforced in my head how blessed I am when it comes to my job.

I am a freelance graphic designer working with clients in the gaming industry such as WilliamHill, BGO Casino, Leovegas and bitcoin casino Drake Casino. The latest work I did for one my clients if you happen to be interested in it was the design for the new campaign of leovegas named the leovegas bonus. I truly enjoy what I do and I take great pride in it. Listening to all of my friends talk badly about their jobs and their dissatisfaction with their jobs made me realize what a rarity this is.

There are so many reasons I really love my job. First and foremost, I am my own boss. I do not have anyone who tells me what to do or how to do it. I believe this makes a huge difference in my satisfaction level with my employment. Yes, I do have clients I have to please, but ultimately, it is my responsibility to figure out how to do that.

Secondly, what I do is seen by millions of people. Everyone who visits a website where my graphics are displayed will see my work. That is truly satisfying to me. I think it makes a difference to know that you are not doing something that no one will see or acknowledge. At least it does for me.

The last reason I love my job so much is because I am doing something I truly enjoy. I love designing graphics and playing on my computer to make my designs come to life. I am not sitting behind a desk pushing papers, listening to customer complaints or typing mindless drivel into a computer. I realize that many people don’t love their job, but I love mine and I am so glad I followed my heart and went to school for what I loved. I can now earn a living doing what I love and I’m loving it.

An Exciting Vacation Planned

I just want to take this time to thank all of my loyal readers. When I started this blog, I did it more for myself than to reach other people. However, I have developed a strong readership and I am loving knowing that people care about my life and what is going on. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Charles and I have some exciting news. We have booked our first vacation together. Charles has been on short weekend trips but has never been on a full vacation, so this is going to be exciting. We are leaving our home in the United Kingdom and traveling to sunny Florida. Charles just loves all things Disney, so we will be visiting our friends Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto at Disney World.

So, as I write this, my mind is whirling with everything that I need to do before we leave. I need to get our passports, we need to get some new clothes, and oh, we need luggage as well. It will be so exciting but also nerve-wracking at the same time. Charles has never flown, so I hope he isn’t scared of the flight. I hope he enjoys the rides. And I hope that I am able to relax a bit on the trip.

I am so incredibly blessed in that I work as a freelancer. Because of this, I am able to take my laptop with me and can even get some work done after Charles goes to bed in the evening. This makes a vacation much more affordable for us, and ensures I am not without income while we are gone.

If any of you have recently traveled with a toddler, or you have any Disney tips for me, shoot them my way. I would love some advice from my online friends about this vacation. And wish me luck that everything goes smoothly and we have the time of our lives.

Working From Home With a Toddler

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I work from home as a freelance graphic designer. I work with many top clients in the gaming industry, including WilliamHill, BGO Casino, Leovegas and Drake Casino. And as I have previously mentioned, I do all of this with my toddler at home. Unfortunately, this is not simply based on my personal preference. It is partly based out of necessity. I am a single dad to my three-year-old son, Charles. Being a single dad, money is tight. And daycare is expensive. So I work with him at home with me. This leads many people to question how I can possibly work with a toddler.

Working from home with a toddler running around can be challenging. I am not going to lie, there are some days where I am completely frustrated. But, for the most part, setting a routine is key to successfully working from home with a toddler. Charles is an early riser. So I get up, feed him and get him ready for the day while I’m enjoying my morning beverage and getting myself ready for the day. After we both have full bellies, he is ready to watch a cartoon or two. During this time, I am able to begin my work day. I work on emails and beginning my projects. When Charles gets bored of the television, he will play, which buys me another hour or so.

Soon after, we have snack time and we try to go to a park and play. This is a great way to wear him out, get us both out of the house and lets me think about projects and designs in my head. We then head back to the house and Charles has a nap. During this time, I once again work. Once he wakes up, it is lunchtime. Our afternoon routine is similar to the morning. He watches television and then plays. Soon enough, it is dinner time, followed by bath time. We play, read a couple books and then I put him to bed. Once he is in bed, I get the rest of my work done. I then head off to bed myself.

We wake up the next day and start the process all over again. It is hard work but it helps me to best provide for my son.

The Life of a Freelance Graphic Designer

Many people are curious about my job. When you say that you are a freelancer and work from home, many people raise their eyebrows and wonder if you actually work. Or they state that they would love to work from home so they can clean their home and do laundry and get paid. Well, that is nothing like my life. I work just as hard as anyone who works in an office, if not more so. And no, I don’t do my laundry while I am working.

I work from home as a freelancing graphic designer. I do the same tasks that any graphic designer does. I design graphics for companies. I primarily work with online gaming websites. Some of my clients include WilliamHill, BGO Casino, Leovegas and Drake Casino. I design graphics for these companies that are used on their websites. Typically, these are gaming graphics. They may be cards for a card game or slot designs for a slot machine game. Ultimately, I get to design art that is used to create amazing games that people get to play. It is exciting and rewarding to me to know that millions of people get to see my work.

Working as a freelancer has its own set of challenges. You have to be completely dedicated to your work. It is easy to get distracted when you do not have a boss watching over your shoulder. However, that freedom is also one of the reasons I love working as a freelancer. I can set my own hours and rearrange my schedule as needed. I can pick up more work or less work based on my budget and work schedule. If any of you are looking for freedom and want to be your own boss, I would highly recommend freelancing, as long as you are positive you can manage time and will not get side tracked.