I’m sure you heard this piece of great advice at least once in your life. And you can apply it on many aspects of your life. First and foremost, your diet, as a piece of fruit a day is really good for you. I keep telling my kid that and maybe one day this piece of great advice will be heard. But also in the field of stress relieve fruit can help you. And the easiest way to achieve that is with fruitautomaten, of fruit machines. These online casino slots can really brighten up your day.

Classic fruit machines

Classic fruitautomaten are not only great because they have a nostalgic value. Especially land based casino fans will remember them. They have more benefits though. For one, all the rules of these casino slots are visible immediately. Which makes them easy to understand and to find. This is especially nice for the new casino player who is not really familiar with slot machines yet. Most importantly however, is the fact that you always win more than you wager with fruitautomaten. If you wager €1 and hit a win, this means that the amount you won will always be more than €1.

Modern fruit machines

This doesn’t take away the benefits of the more modern casino slots though. Every player is different and that’s why it’s important for casinos to offer different games. Other than that, modern fruit machines offer a completely different experience. The graphics sometimes seem like movies and they take you away from your life and all of your stress, even if it’s just for a little bit. And nowadays, people are more and more stressed. So the apple from the fruit machine might even keep a burnout away. Let me introduce my favourite slot machine to you.

Grand Spinn by NetEnt

This game is perfect to me. Not only does it combine modern with classic, it’s also very classy. Let me explain myself better. There is only one win line on this slot machine which makes it very classic. But the graphics and the effects take you away to a luxurious jazz club years ago. You just forget everything around you once you start playing this game. Except maybe for the grapes next to you, which were a luxury item back in the days. And the best part is that this slot machine offers a progressive jackpot. Which means that you can enjoy yourself, release your stress and, if you’re lucky, win big.

Be careful

Even though I am a big online casino enthusiast and I’m even bigger on online fruitautomaten, that doesn’t mean that I’m reckless. After all, I have a kid to take care of so I can never lose too much money. That’s why I always set a budget before I start playing. Not only that, I also set a max win. If I hit that amount in winnings, I force myself to stop as well. For me this is a great way to control my gambling and it has worked so far. You might have other tactics, but the important thing is that you have them.

Check the casino first

Besides that, I cannot stress enough how important it is to play at a licensed online casino. In other words, don’t choose the rotten apple. After all, you are dealing with money and you want to have a reliable company take care of that. Luckily there are more licensed than non-licensed casinos nowadays.