Working as a full-time freelancer can be quite challenging when it comes to acquisition. Getting new clients on a regular basis is something that needs a lot of work. Thankfully I have some long-term collaborations running, which makes this profession a lot easier for me. I’m just a very shy guy and it’s hard for me getting myself involved in networking events and meetings. Sometimes I do visit networking events, but it’s just not for me. However, the last time I visited a networking drink / brainstorm session, i’ve met some really interesting people. During the conversation, they told me that the company they work for is still looking for a graphic designer. This online gambling company has developed an innovative solution for the online players with a passion for slots like queen of the castle 2020. This huge development needed a promotional campaign, including some graphics and animations as a part of the marketing strategy. Eventually this group of networking attendees invited me over to their office to discuss this new project and the services I might could offer.

During the meeting at this particular office, I sat down with 5 different people that were all involved with this new idea. The online fruitautomaten are very popular in online casino platforms, but the problem is that a lot of people are not aware of the variety of slot machines. The company was planning to highlight the most recommendable ones on their website, linked to a great and temporarily campaign. My job was to create a layout for this campaign website, based and inspired by innovation and technology. Even though the casino game would be the main topic of this website, they wanted me to focus more on a corporate and technology concept. I started with developing some graphics, based on their current corporate identity and added some refreshing features and elements into this. Besides graphics, I also created some powerful animations and dynamic aspects to create an unique and fun platform. This online fruitautomaten projects is still ongoing, since i’m still working on some of the graphics and designs.

The company’s plan is to set up more different campaigns in the future and already asked me if I would be interested to join the development. After this project is finished, I will share some more details with you about the company and their interesting market. Also, I will update you all about the campaign that i’m currently working on and most importantly; the results of this collaboration. I’m so grateful that i’ve met this group of interesting people during the event, but also very grateful for the confidence this company has in me. Hopefully this project will result in a long-term business relationship, which would be a great opportunity for me as a freelancer. I prefer to work with the same companies over and over again. By working together for a very long time, you know exactly what the company wants, needs and likes. My job is just to translate their thoughts into a visual design!